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Holy Cross School, Tuikarmaw is an Institute established and administered by the Holy Cross Educational Foundation. The institution comes under the Rights and Power granted to religious and linguistic minorities by the Constitution of India (Art. 20 & 30 ).

The Institution is Co-educational. The medium of instruction is English while Bengali & Hindi is taught as a second language.

While, therefore, the prime purpose of the establ.....


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  Job Recruitment-2023

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Greetings to you dear students! Hope all of you are in good health. I wish to share a story which I recently came across. It is worth mentioning here. The bay of Naples, Italy is the habitat of a jellyfish called Medusa, and a snail of the nudibrach variety. When the snail is small, the jellyfish will sometimes swallow it and draw it into its digestive tract. But the snail is protected by its shell and cannot be digested.  The snail fastens itself to the inside of the jellyfish and slowly begins to eat it from the inside out, and survives. By the time the snail is fully grown, it has consumed the entire jellyfish. This is what we would call an inside job.

Many of us are like the jellyfish. We have our own snail that eats us from the inside. Our snail may be greed, lack of love, selfishness, jealousy and insensitivity to the needs of others. Slowly it begins to gnaw at us and eventually we are consumed from the inside.

We are going through a time of crisis ie the pandemic called Covid-19. We can’t just sit idle when people are suffering due to this illness. We need to rise up to time and respond to the need of time by being generous with our time and resources to help, to relieve the pain of suffering people. We need to identify the snails that are eating us and enable ourselves to be free from them. We shall work towards to a world of hope and love.


Fr. Renju George csc